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Tap this wristband to capture Pokémon and more! – Pokémon Go Plus Review

The Pokémon Go Plus is a wrist wearable that features the prominent Pokéball design as a button. The band pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and it’s meant to be an accessory to the highly anticipated augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. The iOS and Android game is similar to Ingress, which was developed by the same studio — Niantic, Inc. Pokémon appear based on your location, and you can catch them, train them, and compete to be the king of gyms.

You can purchase the Pokémon Go Plus on Amazon for $35.

Once your Plus is connected to your phone, it will vibrate whenever a wild Pokémon appears. Just tap the Pokéball button and your character will throw a ball at the Pokémon to capture it — your phone can remain in your pocket. The Plus will flash red if the attempt is failed, or it will flash a rainbow pattern if you successfully capture the Pokémon.

You’ll also be able to tap the button on the Plus to “collect Pokéballs, Berries, Pokémon eggs and other items at set PokéStop locations,” according to the Amazon listing.

The device is an odd companion to the game, as you won’t be able to tell what Pokémon you’re capturing — you’ll have to take out your smartphone anyway to see that.

Amazon lists the Plus as being available by December 31. It’s likely that could be just a placeholder date, as Pokémon Go is set to come out in July.

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[Source: Digital Trends]

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