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SEXXXtions is by far one of my newest favorite adult games. It is def one to blog about and let you horrible people know about. Talk about a crap ton of embarrassing fun! This game takes it way to far and no other game compares. If you are looking for something a tad different to spice up your party, here it is. I purchase my copy for only $30 from here.


Most people would probably be “turned off” right away at a game like this. However, each person can play to their own comfort level and are not forced by any means to indulge personal information about one’s sex life. The game is a perfect fit for almost any adult oriented party including bachelorette parties, college parties, the ladies’ bunco night, and many more. The game can be played with couple, friends of both sexes, etc. It is definitely almost as funny as Cards Against Humanity. One of the things I like most is that you make up your own answers so it is never going to be the same thing over and over. The game can be played with up to 8 people but 5 or more seems to be the best way to play. So by now you are probably wondering how you play?

The Point Of The Game

sexxxtions-gameBasically the game is played on a game board and is a race to correctly guess which player gave which answer. If a player lands on “Boner Points” the will receive extra points toward their score. Also, that player gets to challenge another player to match their answer. The winner of SEXXXtions is the first person who reaches “climax”, which is not what you are thinking. Rather, climax is the last space on the board.

How To Play

Each player is given a dry erase board and dry erase marker to write their answers. You will also need to pick a game piece and place it on the Foreplay area. Each player should then be given a single TMI (Too Much Information) card. The eldest person will be first to go and is the guesser. The player to the left of this person will then be the reader and say all of the answers out loud. The game moves in that direction.sexxxtions-examples

  • The guesser picks a SEXXXtions card and reads it out loud.
  • Each players write their answer on the dry erase board and gives it to the reader.
  • The reader will then read out everyone’s answers
  • Once all of the answers have been read, the guesser then tries to pair each answer with the player who wrote it.
  • The player only needs to answer “Yes” or “No” when the guesser accuses them.
  • This repeats

*Boner Point Questions must be answered in complete honesty. If the player chose does not want to answer the Boner card, they can use their TMI card to back out.

For complete directions including options for continued play, tips, and variation of playing (drinking game, bachelorette party, larger parties) please see the directions included with the game.

Where To Buy

The game is available on Amazon for only $30. If you have Prime you get free two-day shipping as well. It is definitely a must have, especially for the price.

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