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Crabs Adjust Humidity Game

Love Cards Against Humanity, but even with the official expansions find yourself playing the same cards over and over again? Enter Crabs Adjust Humidity, a crappy small 3rd party, unofficial, unauthorized expansion card set that blends seamlessly with the original game and adds 112 morally-questionable new cards to play. Don’t buy this if you don’t […] See More

Drunko: a Drink or Dare Party Card Game

Have you ever sat down with friends to play UNO and wondered how you might turn it into a ridiculously fun drinking game? Well, Drunko is your answer. Drunko is extremely similar to UNO, but better. Not only does it involve booze, but there are some added elements which makes it much more exciting. The general […] See More

Cards Against Humanity: Sixth Expansion

Woo! It is about time! The Cards Against Humanity Sixth Expansion is here! Best of all? It includes owls. Now, we expect this expansion to sell out quickly so make sure you head over to and purchase it quickly. You can get it here for only $10 with free shipping. The email from CAH: Owls are […] See More

Cards Against Originality

It’s finally here, Cards Against Originality! You can now play Cards Against Humanity without carting your cards around with you! Now you can play on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer with a web app called Cards Against Originality. Designer Dawson Whitfield has brought the self-described “party game for horrible people” to the digital world. Previously, […] See More

Cards Against Humanity Giveaway

Welcome to our first ever giveaway! Unfortunately, it is not bleached assholes we are giving away… Or golden showers… Or midget porn.. No, none of that. It’s something worse, something more horrible. It’s the actual f@!cking game peeps! That’s right! Sign up below to get the chance to win a free copy of Cards Against […] See More

Have you ever seen three grandmas who have never smoked weed before partake in their first toke? No? Figured that one. You will definitely enjoy this video. What makes it hilarious is them playing Cards Against Humanity while doing so. The queefing part killed me. God bless those grannies! Ever played Cards Against Humanity? Get […] See More

Holy shit, Santa Claus is dead! What is going to happen to Christmas?! Well.. Nothing.. We will just have to celebrate Kwanzaa! Thankfully, the peeps over at Cards Against Humanity are making the death of Santa easier to handle by sending everyone 10 gifts throughout December. Who needs Santa when you have horrible people?! So […] See More

Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion

Finally! After a big wait, you can now enjoy yet another awesome expansion. Cards Against Humanity released their 5th Expansion. If you are like me then you want to buy it now while in stock, before it will be sold out. Hurry up and pick up your copy for only $10 by clicking this link. What’s […] See More

Cards Against Harassment

Have you ever been harassed while walking to the store, with your friends, out to eat, or just anywhere in public? Street harassment can be one of the most frustrating interactions that any person, especially women, have to deal with. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common, especially in areas surrounding Minneapolis. There are hundreds of […] See More


SEXXXtions is by far one of my newest favorite adult games. It is def one to blog about and let you horrible people know about. Talk about a crap ton of embarrassing fun! This game takes it way to far and no other game compares. If you are looking for something a tad different to […] See More