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Hilarious Stuff: Game Grumps Playing CAH

It is no secret that Cards Against Humanity is probably the most vulgar yet absolutely hilarious game you can play with your friends. I prefer to play it shit faced. This usually allows me to get pretty creative with my card choices. Anyways, I recently came across this video of Game Grumps playing CAH. For those of you who are not familiar with GG, they are basically a group of redditors who review games and stuff. In this video particularly, they dressed up in their 19 century getups and sat around a fancy table in a fancy room to play a party game for horrible people. Muahahaha of course this was perfect ingredients for a hell of a funny time. I love seeing people genuinely die of laughter from this game. Check out the video below:

Do you have any videos of you and your friends playing Cards Against Humanity? We would love to see them! Upload them to youtube or similar and post the links in the comments below. If you are not lame and happen to be funny enough then we may even be forced to feature your video!


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