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Guards Against Insanity

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If you have a dark sense of humor and occasionally find Cards Against Humanity a little too tame, this is the naughty expansion set you’ve been waiting for… Guards Against Insanity takes your Cards Against Humanity experience to a darker, more uncomfortable place. GAI Edition 1 consists of 112 new cards; 32 black question cards & 80 white answer cards. Guards Against Insanity is 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity and other CAH third-party expansions including Crabs Adjust Humidity.


“The card themselves are interesting. The first thing you’ll notice is they’re more heavily textured and not as glossy as the official cards and other expansions, which appear to use some type of a lamination process (as you can see in the photos). The faces all have a vertical ribbed texture while the backs have a more familiar woven linen texture, that more closely resembles Bycicle playing cards, and to a lesser extent, the CAH cards. While they’re the same thickness, these are notably more flexible and softer, which does make them feel nicer in the hands; the laminated feel of other sets tends to be rough on the hands due to the sharp plastic edges. This also makes them fan and shuffle easier, though, don’t expect to easily faro shuffle these. The cards are cut to 63mm x 88mm, making them the exact same size as the official cards; these will mix in with the other cards nicely. I bring this up because there have been other sets that were cut to imperial dimensions of 2.5″ x 3.5″, which makes them about a half millimeter too large.

Overall this is one of the best sets for content I’ve seen for the game, and I look forward to any other sets they release. Though, I’ve now filled my Bigger Blacker Box, with other expansions, I may need to get another one of those.” – Dave Jerrard, Amazon Reviewer


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