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Cards Against Harassment

Have you ever been harassed while walking to the store, with your friends, out to eat, or just anywhere in public? Street harassment can be one of the most frustrating interactions that any person, especially women, have to deal with. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common, especially in areas surrounding Minneapolis. There are hundreds of videos online that women have uploaded showing men coming up to them and verbally harassing them. Now, there is a way to stand up for yourself and tell that street harasser that what they are doing is unwelcome and not needed. The solution is called “Cards Against Harassment” and you can get it now!

Cards Against Harassment is a new project that was launched in the Summer of 2014 which was founded in hopes of counteracting street harassment, especially in Minneapolis. The cards were designed so that if you or someone you witness is being harassed, you can hand the harasser a card to have them understand what they are doing is wrong and no one in the situation likes it nor deserves it. Sometimes, the people who are doing the harassing do not think

There are many different Cards Against Harassment that address a ton of different moments in which they could come in handy. Maybe your harasser comes up to you while you are walking to work in the city and decides to start saying things to you that make you feel awkward and in a position of defense. You can easily pull out the card that says “When you walk down the street, do random strangers comment on how you look? No? Wow. That must be nice. It’s not a compliment. It’s a harassment. Next time, keep it to yourself.” Help open their eyes up to what they are doing.

Cards Against Harassment is a new game that deserves your attention. You can get more information by visiting cardsagainstharassment.com

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