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Cards Against Originality


It’s finally here, Cards Against Originality! You can now play Cards Against Humanity without carting your cards around with you! Now you can play on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer with a web app called Cards Against Originality. Designer Dawson Whitfield has brought the self-described “party game for horrible people” to the digital world. Previously, players either had to download and print their own deck of cards from the Cards of Humanity website or pay $25 for an actual deck. This new app allows for you to not have the need for a physical set of cards. It’s a third-party app, not from the original game makers. It gives the public the right to use, remix, and share the game for free as long as it’s not sold without permission. Since Cards Against Humanity allows people to do this, Cards Against Originality isn’t the first digital clone of the game. However, it is the digital version that is the closest to the original game and isn’t trying to charge you for any add-on content, like in app purchases.

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Cards Against Originality includes all of the original cards from Cards Against Humanity, as well as its five expansion card packs. It copies the original game card-for-card. To get on board just go to the app’s site and start a new game. Doing this will generate a URL which can be used to invite other players by message or e-mail who will confirm when ready to play on any device with a working web browser. From there the app works just like the original card game: one player serves as the judge while the other players submit their most relevant or clever card. Players are dealt a hand of white noun cards while a rotating judge draws a black card that has a phrase with a missing word. The judge then selects their favorite combination. The owner of the selected white card wins the black card. The web app makes it easy by keeping track of points, and highlights game rules in case a dispute should arise.

To play with your group of friends within the online app you’ll need an internet connection and they claim you will still need to be in the same room. Theoretically you could play over Skype, FaceTime, or pretty much any other online communication portal. However, this web app is more of a card substitute than a remote-play version of the popular party game. In any case, one of the best parts about playing Cards Against Humanity is just having the experience with your friends and making people laugh.

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