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Cards Against Humanity: Sixth Expansion


Woo! It is about time! The Cards Against Humanity Sixth Expansion is here! Best of all? It includes owls. Now, we expect this expansion to sell out quickly so make sure you head over to and purchase it quickly.

You can get it here for only $10 with free shipping.

The email from CAH:

Owls are the most mysterious of God’s creatures. Where do they come from? Why do they sing so hauntingly at night? What do they do with all the teeth they steal from our mouths as we sleep? Why do they follow me home from the schoolhouse in groups of three?

Learn all about owls in these three new packs from popular family of products, Cards Against Humanity:

The Sixth Expansion is our most owl-jammed pack yet, in that it contains one joke about owls, which we have previously established are the perfect predator.


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