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Cards Against Humanity Expansion


Cards Against Humanity Expansion is one the my most favorite things about this game. These expansions allow you to always change things up in the game and have exciting new cards. Currently there are three expansions for the original Cards Against Humanity Game.


I highly suggest picking these expansion packs up, they really add a lot to the game. The best part is they are only $10 which is super cheap.

The first expansion pack has 80 new white cards in it, 20 new black cards, and a dozen blank cards for you to create whatever you want. The first expansion is definitely a huge hit, in fact only 5 out of 840 rated it negatively. That’s pretty good!

The second expansion comes with a little bit more. This pack come with a hundred new cards. This includes 75 new white cards, 25 new blacks cards, and some blank white and black cards to includes your own funnies. As the case with the first expansion, the second has barely any negative reviews.

Finally, the third expansion comes with 100 new cards as well, 75 white and 25 black. It also has some blank cards.

So overall, if you get all three expansion packs, that is almost 300 new cards to the already super funny cards against humanity game. It is great when a company continues to update games. This is especially rare with cards games. Who knows what will be in the fourth expansion. I am sure it will be a riot. Be sure to check back soon as we plan on updating immediately as soon as the fourth expansion is available to consumers. In the mean time, if you already have all three expansions, try downloading the pdf of blank cards and creating your very own white and black cards. heck, you could create 1,000 if you wanted. Perfect for a rainy day!

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  • Andreanne December 20, 2014, 2:31 pm

    Silly question: I have just ordered the basic pack, the first expansion & holiday 2014 pack and received yesterday the basic pack, the third expansion & 90’s nostalgia pack. I don’t really mind but i worry next time the same thing will happen and i end up with doubles of what i all ready got?

    • Tobi January 5, 2015, 5:08 am

      There should have been a paper inside the box that came with your cards. It has a email address that you can email if there was something wrong with your order. You can also go to the Cards against humanity website and tell them that you ordered the 1st expansion but got the 3rd and they’ll fix it.

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