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5 CAH Expansion Packs You Don’t Have


Love Cards Against Humanity, but even with the official expansions find yourself playing the same cards over and over again? It’s no secret that the traditional Cards Against Humanity Expansion packs can get a bit old and boring. Thankfully for  us, there are a ton of what’s referred to as “Unofficial” expansion packs available. Some of them are awesome, others you would rather wipe your butt with than actually play. We’ve taken 20 or so available expansion packs and created this super awesome list of the top 5 expansion packs that would be the perfect addition to your Bigger Blacker Box.

1. Crabs Adjust Humidity

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 6.57.59 PM

  • This is a combined special edition containing all the cards from Volumes One – Five of the infamous crappy little 3rd-party, unofficial expansion to Cards Against Humanity.
  • Includes all 560 cards (400 white, 160 black) from Crabs Adjust Humidity Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, as well as an exclusive storage box with room for future expansion.
  • You need to own Cards Against Humanity to use these expansions.
  • Custom serialized hologram on every box, so you know you’re not getting a counterfeit.
  • Professionally printed on linen-finish, casino-quality cards. 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity.
  • …… Read Full Description or Buy Now!

2. Guards Against Humanity


  • Unofficial Cards Against Humanity naughty expansion
  • Includes 112 NEW cards (80 White cards & 32 Black cards)
  • 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity / Crabs Adjust Humidity / Cards and Punishment / Cakes Athirst Hilarity etc.
  • Must be 17+ as contains naughty content
  • You need to own Cards Against Humanity to use the Guards Against Insanity expansion
  • …… Read Full Description or Buy Now!


3. Cocks Abreast Hostility

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 7.06.35 PM

  • 100 “White” Cards
  • 25 “Black” Cards
  • Traditional black and white card backs
  • Seamlessly playable with official cards
  • Will not melt steel beams
  • Nearly 100% of the proceeds from every purchase will be converted into either single malt Scotch or small-batch Bourbon.
  • …… Read Full Description or Buy Now!


4. Carps & Angsty Manatee


  • Compatible with Cards Against Humanity. Not intended for use without the original game.
  • Includes 150 brand new, original cards (130 absurd white cards & 20 ludicrous black cards)
  • UPDATED to be the EXACT same size as CAH cards (63mm x 88mm)
  • Keep your deck fresh – 100% fewer beer stains than your current cards
  • Alcohol may intensify the effect. Do not operate a vehicle or dangerous machinery while playing.
  • …… Read Full Description or Buy Now!


5. Cats Abiding Horribly

  • 150 brand NEW cards (110 white, 40 black)
  • This is the 2nd edition without any of the grammar or spelling mistakes of the 1st.
  • Professionally printed printed on high quality casino cardstock with a linen finish, mixes in perfectly with the original game
  • Intended to play with the world’s most horrible party game
  • THE expansion humanity has been waiting for, but don’t hold it against us if you have no more friends left after playing
  • …… Read Full Description or Buy Now!


Have any of your own favorite expansion packs? Post them below!

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