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Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion


Finally! After a big wait, you can now enjoy yet another awesome expansion. Cards Against Humanity released their 5th Expansion. If you are like me then you want to buy it now while in stock, before it will be sold out. Hurry up and pick up your copy for only $10 by clicking this link. What's […] See More

Cards Against Harassment


Have you ever been harassed while walking to the store, with your friends, out to eat, or just anywhere in public? Street harassment can be one of the most frustrating interactions that any person, especially women, have to deal with. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common, especially in areas surrounding Minneapolis. There are hundreds of […] See More



SEXXXtions is by far one of my newest favorite adult games. It is def one to blog about and let you horrible people know about. Talk about a crap ton of embarrassing fun! This game takes it way to far and no other game compares. If you are looking for something a tad different to […] See More

Hilarious Stuff: Game Grumps Playing CAH


It is no secret that Cards Against Humanity is probably the most vulgar yet absolutely hilarious game you can play with your friends. I prefer to play it shit faced. This usually allows me to get pretty creative with my card choices. Anyways, I recently came across this video of Game Grumps playing CAH. For those […] See More

House Of Cards Against Humanity


Um, yeah, you read that right. Netflix has officially partnered with CAH to bring you House Of Cards Against Humanity. The expansion consists of 25 new cards. The new cards are filled with memorable moments from the first season of House Of Cards. If you are a fan of the show, you can imagine how […] See More

Top 5 Cards Against Humanity Online Games


Playing Cards Against Humanity Online has grown to be so popular it is a bit ridiculous. Nearly 50,000 people a month search for an online version of CAH. That is crazy! With all those people searching, there is a ton of people developing online versions of the game. This is where it can be quite […] See More

Where Can You Buy Cards Against Humanity?


As many of you may know, after the holiday season the Cards Against Humanity Game was out of stock basically everywhere. Anyone that was selling it was asking $100+ when it usually is only $25. So where can You buy Cards Against Humanity? Who has it in stock? And how much is it? Well no […] See More

Bigger Blacker Box


The other night I met some friends of mine at a local brewery. For a few hours we sat around and drank some damn good beers when one of them suggested we play Cards Against Humanity which they had in their car. (They carry it with them wherever they go.) So my friend went out […] See More

Cards Against Humanity Expansion


Cards Against Humanity Expansion is one the my most favorite things about this game. These expansions allow you to always change things up in the game and have exciting new cards. Currently there are three expansions for the original Cards Against Humanity Game. I highly suggest picking these expansion packs up, they really add a lot to […] See More

Cards Against Humanity PDF


Looking for the Cards Against Humanity PDF? We got ya covered! For those of you who are looking for the PDF you probably do not have the actual game, right? The PDF is great and all but it is nothing like the actual game unless your do everything very professionally. I high suggest picking up the actual game, it […] See More