House Of Cards Against Humanity

Um, yeah, you read that right. Netflix has officially partnered with CAH to bring you House Of Cards Against Humanity. The expansion consists of 25 new cards. The new cards are filled with memorable moments from the first season of House Of Cards. If you are a fan of the show, you can imagine how […]

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Top 5 Cards Against Humanity Online Games

Playing Cards Against Humanity Online has grown to be so popular it is a bit ridiculous. Nearly 50,000 people a month search for an online version of CAH. That is crazy! With all those people searching, there is a ton of people developing online versions of the game. This is where it can be quite […]

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Where Can You Buy Cards Against Humanity?

As many of you may know, after the holiday season the Cards Against Humanity Game was out of stock basically everywhere. Anyone that was selling it was asking $100+ when it usually is only $25. So where can You buy Cards Against Humanity? Who has it in stock? And how much is it? Well no […]

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Bigger Blacker Box

The other night I met some friends of mine at a local brewery. For a few hours we sat around and drank some damn good beers when one of them suggested we play Cards Against Humanity which they had in their car. (They carry it with them wherever they go.) So my friend went out […]

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Cards Against Humanity Expansion

Cards Against Humanity Expansion is one the my most favorite things about this game. These expansions allow you to always change things up in the game and have exciting new cards. Currently there are three expansions for the original Cards Against Humanity Game. I highly suggest picking these expansion packs up, they really add a lot to […]

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Cards Against Humanity PDF

Looking for the Cards Against Humanity PDF? We got ya covered! For those of you who are looking for the PDF you probably do not have the actual game, right? The PDF is great and all but it is nothing like the actual game unless your do everything very professionally. I high suggest picking up the actual game, it […]

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Cards Against Humanity Buy

It is extremely difficult these days to get your hands on a Cards Against Humanity Buy. This game is extremely popular. This for good reason. It is probably thee funniest game I have ever played in my life. It is awesome. It took me forever to finally get my hands on the actual game though. This […]

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Cards Against Humanity Online

What is better than partying at home, getting drunk off your ass, and playing this game? Nothing! Playing Cards Against Humanity is so damn fun! I got some great news though, go tell your friends to take a hike, you no longer need their bullshit. Thanks to Pretend You’re Xyzzy on, you can have the […]

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Cards Against Humanity Examples

This game is absolutely hilarious to play. I didn’t think there would be a way to give a reasonable example of the game.  Then it dawned on me, the best Cards Against Humanity Examples would probably be videos of people actually playing the game, drunk off their ass. The first video is from the creators […]

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Cards Against Humanity Rules

This game can be a bit confusing if you do not read about it. This is why we have recite the Cards Against Humanity Rules for you in this awesome article. Basic rules To start the game, each player draws 10 white cards. One randomly chosen player begins as the card czar and plays a […]

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